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One Team One Fight 4 PTSD

One Team One Fight 4 PTSD


Rozann, Florida

This is an amazing nonprofit that focuses on one of this country's  most precious asset - our veterans.  Keith Totten is devoted to helping those (and there are far too many) suffering with PTSD.  The VA system does not do enough.  Keith has stepped up to fill in some of the gaps.  He has a team working with him to raise awareness about veteran suicides -- 22 a day in the USA.  He has prevented some.  He has saved lives.  He has helped veterans get benefits they need and recognition they deserve.  He has made a difference!!

Ellen, Florida

Keith Totten is a man with a mission who is making a big impact on those who meet him. He talks the talk, but also walks the walk. His selflessness inspires many, including me.  "One Team One Fight 4 Ptsd" is uplifting, inspirational,  and caring. He is making a difference one life at a time. This is for Veterans, but not 'just for veterans'. It has a positive impact on anyone who is struggling with life's issues. God bless Keith, his family, those he loves, those who love him, those who work with him and all who are touched by "One Team One Fight 4 Ptsd".  Thanks for all you do!

Charles, Florida

The details are common knowledge... The thing you need to realize is Keith and OTOF4PTSD is the real deal.  I have been honored to support Keith in many ways over the past few years. I will continue to assist his mission in the future. :IGY6 

Brian, New Jersey

One Team One fight for ptsd is doing great things for many many people, an amazing nonprofit trying to bring awareness to all and help everyone! Without people like them there would be too many lost and afraid to reach out. Keith is a great guy with a huge heart that truly cares that wants to and is trying to help everyone. 

Robert, Florida

I can’t think of a more timely and crucially needed nonprofit in regard to military service than  One Team One Fight 4 PTSD! Mr. Totten and his supporters bring attention to an affliction that has touched the lives and families of those who served and could never leave the war behind. As the grandson of a WW2 veteran and friend to countless veterans who have had or had PTSD, this work of Mr. Totten and his nonprofit is  consoling  for me and my family to better understand the condition of those that we love unconditionally.  

Daniel, Florida

The One Team One Fight 4 PTSD family are great. Always going above and beyond to help others and always doing the best they can everyday. Im proud to wear there support shirts every chance I get to get the mission and name out to people not only in the area but out of the area as well.

Melissa, Florida

This small organization is untiring in its quest to help veterans. I am pleased to donate to One Team whenever I can. I appreciate the fact that 100% of the donations remain with local veterans and that the good that is done is shared.

Thomas, Florida

By chance I got introduced to this Great non profit organization.  The volunteers I've gotten to know put a lot of there time and effort to get the word out to bring awareness to  PTSD issues, to prevent suicide. To let our veterans know they are loved and cared about.  They also organize some pretty awesome events. They're always a lot of fun and the one's Ive been to had great bands.  Including Charlie Daniels  and coming to Mt. Dora The Nitty Gritty Dirt band  on Friday  1/26/18. I am proud to be a small part of this and will continue to support them in any way I can.

Laura, Florida

I have been fortunate enough to work with this non profit going on 4 years now, from doing music events for the public, to ruck marches with other organization, speaking events with the Rotarians and other private sector areas, the focus remains on spreading information about PTSD and giving the community reasouces to reach out to help stop suicide.  We want them to know they are not alone.

Josh, Florida

This organization is one of the most DRIVEN I have ever seen. I have attended,donated and become more aware and educated on PTSD because of this organization. I have personal ties to most of those involved and you couldnt ask for more quality human beings that collectively make things happen for vets in need in our area and surrounding areas for that matter. The passion shown for this cause is unmatched by Keith Totten and those behind the scenes. They are constantly building and growing this nonprofit and are always available to help and answer questions. I look forward to future endeavors and events that ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT 4 PTSD hosts and gets involved with!

Susan, Florida

I have been involved as a donor for several years and have nothing but good experiences with One Team One Fight 4 PTSD.  They tirelessly spread awareness and offer assistance to those, both veterans as well as civilians, who suffer from PTSD.  I first began donating as a way to honor a relative, a veteran with PTSD.  He often felt underserved by his medical community and frustrated without someone he could talk to about symptoms and coping techniques - it broke my heart to see a loved one suffering and made me feel... helpless. My first impression upon meeting Keith Totten from One Team One Fight 4 PTSD was;  here stood a determined man, a veteran with passion and vision, and personal experience, someone who "walked the talk" and would go the distance to help those  suffering with PTSD.  I was convinced that Keith and his organization COULD make a difference, by spreading awareness, reaching out, and providing assistance -  and by default, Keith demonstrated that I too, could make a difference.  We (both our company and my family) will continue to support this worthy organization.  If collectively, through One Team One Fight 4 PTSD, we could dissuade even one individual from taking their life, convince others that they were not alone and  continually reach out to more suffering from PTSD, then we will have done something worthy.   

Marie, Florida

I just wanted to tell you Thank you. Thank you for posting the daily inspiration that reminds us why we get up and keep going each new day.  I do not have Combat related PTSD, however, I have trauma based PTSD. Of course, no matter how we arrived at it, it impacts each of us in different ways. Thank you for the daily reminders that we can do it.